6 Things To Know About Before Doing A Condo Renovation In Singapore

Who doesn’t love a cute before and after transition? Growing up with my parents and being the only princess at home, I got accustomed to living in a massive, beautiful home. Now that I’m trying to grow independent and have my own condominium unit, I want a place that can give me the utmost comfort and serenity. That is why I hired a firm to revamp my suite and give me a stylish 2-bedroom condo interior design In Singapore.

Before diving head-first into hiring a home renovation contractor in Singapore, here are six pieces of advice I can share that you might want to keep in mind as you go aboard on your thrilling condo transformation journey.

Go For A Condo Design Inspiration That Suits Your Liking

Condo renovation in Singapore is no joke. It takes a lot of process and revisions before you finally achieve your desired look. One tip I can share is to find inspos and create a mood board. Since I’m a fashion student, I always utilise my resources to find the style I wish to have. Consider using Pinterest in looking for interior design ideas. But if you have no idea where to start, let me share some trendy condo design themes this 2022 Scandinavian, modern artisan, tropical, white and wood, bohemian, and minimalist.

The Hardest Part Is Yet To Come = Design Planning

After finding my condo design inspiration, my home renovation contractor in Singapore and I moved on to the next step: the planning stage. I had to ensure that everything I chose fits my condominium. Consider the interior design space planning, from the furniture you want to include to the tiles, lighting fixtures, and construction materials.

Observe The Rules And Regulations Of Your Building

Hassle-free paperwork processing is one of the best benefits I encountered from working with a home renovation contractor in Singapore. Check if your condominium has homeowner rules and regulations to follow, especially with renovation. Inform the property management office first. You can email or head to the admin office to settle everything.

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Time To Lay Down Your Budget!

Allocate your budget for your condo renovation in Singapore. Generally, the average costs for a complete home design with furniture service can range from S$30,000 to a hundred thousand for a new condominium unit. Mine was around S$47,000, but I shelled out S$70,000 to make my dream home happen.

Set A Reasonable Timeline

Now it’s time to make a timetable for your condo renovation in Singapore! When making one, ensure having the following: a clear idea, proper interior design space planning, and a vision board. Settle all the critical requirements, especially the approval of the property management. Generally, the average duration can range from three months to a whole year.

Make Your Condominium You

The last tip I can share is to set yourself as your inspiration for your condo renovation in Singapore. Build a home exactly how you envisioned and dreamt of it! Choose a colour, fixture, furniture, and other pieces that suit your liking and depict your characteristics.

Mad thanks to M2 Décor for bringing my dreams into reality! Kickstart your condo renovation in Singapore with them and start enquiring on their website today.

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