Know The Features Of Lenovo Thinksystem ST250 V2

The Lenovo ThinkSystem ST250 V2 is a single-socket server that can be used in on-premises environments, making it suitable for use by smaller companies. As it has extensive storage possibilities, it suits office operations, particularly filesharing and monitoring. Drives come in various sizes and shapes, with possible hot switching and simple swapping. The Lenovo ThinkSystem ST250 V2 is easy to maintain and upgrade and equipped with remote management tools that fit an enterprise, despite its low price.

Specifications Of The Lenovo Thinksystem ST250 V2

The ThinkSystem ST250 V2 is a tower server with a single socket that companies can use in a rack. It takes up 4U of space. It relies on a single Intel Xeon or Core processor, with an Intel Xeon E-2200 eight-core processor being the most potent option. Besides, four DIMM slots are available, with 128GB of DDR4 memory. For a budget server, the storage possibilities here really shine. Hot swapping is possible for any of the eight 3.5-inch SATA/SAS drives, or you can use the sixteen 2.5-inch disks available on the front panel. You can utilize a combination of drive sizes, for example, eight 2.5-inch drives and four 3.5-inch drives.

Two additional 5.25-inch bays provide space for other peripherals. There are four PCIe expansion slots for adding low-power GPUs for AI inference, additional RAID adapters, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SAS/RAID adapters, and so on. There is a range of power options, from a static 250 watts to a hot-swappable 550 watts.

System Architecture Of The Lenovo Thinksystem ST250 V2

Part of the ST250 V2’s attraction for small organizations is its tower form factor, which is reminiscent of a huge desktop PC. There is no need for a dedicated server space or complex setup to run this system. It is perfectly suitable for use as a desk drawer. The tower’s final dimensions (WDH) are 6.9 x 17.5 x 22.8 inches, and it tips the scales at 51.94 pounds. If you want to rack mount something, you’ll need to order the rackmount kit.

Although our demo model lacks a lockable front panel, the ThinkSystem ST250 V2 is available with one on the particular order. Our system has no 5.25-inch bay devices, but it is easy to add them. We have four 3.5-inch drives in the bottom drive bay and none in the top drive bay. There is a finger loop and caddy for each 3.5-inch drive.

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