What Are The Steps Involved In Trade Registration 

Trade Registration is a process of getting security by registering the business trademark and trade logo legally. This registration protects the business brand, product, and services. The Registration process involves Check stock (เช็ค สต๊อก, which is the term in Thai), Trade Registration which helps the business to verify trades executed in their account before, and while Trade Registration process to ensure the security of investors and stakeholders of the business firm or company. 

Trade Registration is obtained to provide legal compulsion of trading business and property executed by the trader in his name and acquired the position of legal personality as a trader. Trade registration (จดทะเบียนการค้า, which is the term in Thai) helps the market and the customers to identify their trade mark including any symbols, numerals, combinations of characters, and many other logos. This is done to separately identify the business selling products and services from others in the market. It involves quality in their trademark logo that makes them different from other brands. Thus, it is vital to register the trademark of the business to provide security for the company and its brand. So, To note, there are some steps involved in trade registration, such as follows:

Step 1. Trademark Search

The business must search for an appropriate trademark to convey the concept of the company’s product and services trading.

Step 2. Application Preparing

The trademark attorney prepares the trade registration application for approval and signature of trade mark applicant that refers to the business owner.

Step 3. Filling Application

The trademark registry will approve the trademark after completing the application filing. There is a fee mentioned that is chargeable for each application. Different enterprises or businesses will be chargeable amounts by the government for approval of such applications. Like, for small enterprises, Government fee charges for registering the trademark will be extra for large-scale businesses. This business scale can be identified by checking stock and trade registration by evaluating the past performance or trade of the business through their verification of trading account.

Step 4. Government Processing

After the application is filed with the submission of the government fee for trade registration by the trade applicant. The official website of the Government portal of trade registration will update the status of such trade registration certificates. If any error in the business details, logo, or symbols occurs, the trade applicant must immediately respond and submit the objection within 3o days of the time limit.

Thus, these are the steps involved in trade registration for getting the business’s trademark registered after accurate check stock and trade registration.

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