5 Factors to Consider When Hiring Art Printing Services

5 Factors to Consider When Hiring Art Printing Services

Offering art prints to your clients is an excellent way to boost your sales. But looking for suitable vendors, procuring equipment, and managing shipping can be too stressful.

Hiring reliable art printing services can help you accomplish your goal of selling art prints. Not only will they produce your projects for you, but they will also handle packaging and shipping straight to your clients.

Looking for the right art printing and framing services that best suit your needs is essential. To help you determine the ideal art printing company, here are five factors to consider:

1. What Services do You Need?

Art printing companies possess various tools and equipment to turn your project into extraordinary pieces. However, that does not necessarily mean they can provide everything you need.

Before you begin searching, try brainstorming on how your art prints would look like.

Do you need them framed? Do you prefer paper or canvas prints? How about editing and photo enhancing?

2. Examine their Portfolio

Always browse a service provider’s past works to see if they meet your expectations. You do not want to accidentally hire an art printing company offering low-quality materials and prints, then charge you a significant price.

Many art printers have a website where they showcase samples of their work. Check the ink, the materials used, the colour, and the layout.

3. Cost vs. Quality

We understand you want high-quality prints at an affordable price. But the truth is that price plays a vital role in the results of a service. Just because it’s cheap does not mean you’ll get the products according to your criteria.

Determine your budget and compare your list of service providers with one another. Additionally, look for other qualities that add value to their worth, such as timeliness, extra services, and attention to detail.

4. Customer Service

Professionalism is the heart of every good business. A trustworthy art printing company provides great customer service to ensure you are heard and pleased.

When you ask questions, they should be able to answer and guide you. The art printer should also listen to your every request and return a product made with precision on time. Plus, they should have extensive working knowledge.

5. Versatile Offers

It is not enough to have your artwork printed. Look for art printing services that provide a wide range of offers to enhance your prints.

Framing, materials, technology used, packaging, and drop shipping are some of the services you might want to consider.

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