Clear Braces: All About Its Cost and Pros

If you are reading this blog, then you must be looking to know about clear braces. Do you know that 55 {009355bc0efdd02e5739aa929454c722c251134b20e6504a9ac9fce9b06861d2} of the world’s population undergoes Misaligned teeth? Braces are the ideal solution for misaligned teeth problems. When it turns to wear metal braces, most people hate it. So what should be the answer to this issue? Clear braces treatment works wonders for the problem without feeling embarrassed. Let’s take a look at its details like Clear braces price (จัด ฟัน แบบ ใส ราคา, which is the term in Thai) and benefits.

What Are Clear Braces?

Clear braces come under Orthodontic treatment applied to straighten the misaligned teeth. This treatment can correct tooth problems like crooked, gapped, and overlapped teeth. Clear braces are less striking than metal braces but work the same. These braces are mainly demanding among teens.

Working Techniques Of Clear Braces

Let’s dive into the workings mechanism of Clear braces. Ceramic braces are attached to the teeth and fastened by wires. This method aids in the manual adjustment and light pulling teeth toward correct alignment.

You may need an average of four to six months for precise braces treatment. Still, there may be situations where the process will need twelve weeks to remove the brace.  

Generally, doctors use Ceramic brackets for clear braces. White archwires or clear wires are also available for those who prefer a less noticeable orthodontic solution. Choosing this method costs extra, but it’s well worth it because the brackets are more transparent.

Cost Of Clear Braces

When you consult for clear braces, your orthodontist will discuss the various payment options and associated costs. So here are some compiled data on the average cost of three types of brace:

  • Ceramic braces price: $2,000 – $8,500
  • Clear aligners: $3,000 – $8,000
  • Lingual braces: $5,000 – $13,000

Pros Of Clear Braces


Metal braces are more noticeable on a person’s teeth. Clear braces, more popular in the young generation, can boost confidence without being embraced.

Free-Range Food

People should avoid many beverages when wearing metal braces. But you can remove it while eating your food.

Shield From Teeth Grinding

Millions of people have a habit of Teeth grinding at night.  Protect your teeth from this problem by using a night guard every night. Clear braces provide an extra layer of protection.

Get A Clear Brace For Aligned Teeth

The clear brace is a perfect way to cure imperfect teeth without the irritation of a traditional metal brace. They are more secure, attractive, and effective in straightening your teeth.

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