Publishers Of Comic Books in Stores Versus New Digital Comics Markets

The Covid pandemic created a brand-new audience for online comics. This is because Diamond Classic Comic Distributors and comic bookstores were essentially shut down by the virus. Additionally, sales of comic books and graphic novels brought in $1.2 billion in North America in 2019. This means that it is a sizable industry that has expanded since 2013 (when it had $870 million in revenue). It has maintained consistent growth over the years; however, it is not exponential growth.

These annual sales figures will probably rise with the advent of NFTs. This is particularly true given that North American digital comic book sales in 2018 totaled $100 million, and industry sources estimate that the sector is expanding by 3{009355bc0efdd02e5739aa929454c722c251134b20e6504a9ac9fce9b06861d2} to 5{009355bc0efdd02e5739aa929454c722c251134b20e6504a9ac9fce9b06861d2} annually. The primary market segments for this industry are IT nerds, digital collectibles enthusiasts, and comic book collectors.

According to a survey conducted in April 2019 by Morning Consultant and the Hollywood Reporter, 33{009355bc0efdd02e5739aa929454c722c251134b20e6504a9ac9fce9b06861d2} of American people claimed they are comic book enthusiasts, 52{009355bc0efdd02e5739aa929454c722c251134b20e6504a9ac9fce9b06861d2} said they are not, and 15{009355bc0efdd02e5739aa929454c722c251134b20e6504a9ac9fce9b06861d2} said that they had no opinion. Therefore, a potential market of 33{009355bc0efdd02e5739aa929454c722c251134b20e6504a9ac9fce9b06861d2} of adults exists for these NFT digital comics products.

How do crypto comics work?

Crypto comics, a community and marketplace for comic book, manga, art, graphic novel, and book authors and publishers, is another product of this shift to digital comics and collectibles. In essence, more and more investors will pour in and start taking part in this type of NFT collecting as more and more comic books are published on the blockchain and made accessible on NFT marketplaces. These kinds of collectibles will remain popular as long as Marvel and DC-produced films and other media remain like BattleSpecies popular. The demand for that crypto comic will then soar even higher after comics are only made available through NFT and Crypto collectibles methods and that specific comic becomes a critically acclaimed film. This world is yet to go a long way with so many possibilities around.

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