Why are Hybrid Work Setups Trending?

The world experienced one of the biggest disruptions when the COVID-19 started spreading. Due to the contagious and deadly nature of the virus, strict health protocols were implemented, such as staying indoors. This mandate included companies from various sectors. Businesses that were deemed unessential were forced to close down or adapt to a remote setup.

While some industries, especially the freelancing sector or virtual assistant companies in the Philippines, have been practicing remote model work setup, it is still not commonly exercised in the majority of companies. However, due to the rampant spread of the virus, businesses had no choice but to adopt the telecommuting setup to continue their operations.

In 2021, vaccines meant to boost one’s immunity were developed. Because of this, the world could recover and slowly go back to normal. But despite this, there are still some restrictions that individuals must adhere to. Going back to the office once more is not necessarily prohibited in the business world. But the current situation still encourages businesses to limit their employees from entirely going on-site. Hence the birth of the hybrid work model.

A hybrid work is a flexible work arrangement that supports a blend of in-office, remote, and on-the-go employees. This provides workers the freedom to choose to work wherever and however they are most productive.

Although it is understandable if you feel skeptical about this new work setup, you have to understand that the times have changed. Businesses have to adapt quickly, whether it is about trends or work setups, to ensure a greater chance of success. Moreover, the hybrid work model offers multiple advantages that full-blown on-site and work-from-home setups failed to achieve, as proven by many VA companies in the Philippines. Improved collaboration, happier employees, and increased productivity are just some of the advantages you can reap with a hybrid work arrangement.

For a more detailed discussion about this new work setup, you can read further this infographic created by OVA Virtual.


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