Why Should Men Get A Horn, Chestnut-Shaped Lip?

Regarding features, it is not just women who are very possessive, but even men are, as times have drastically changed. Men are also very conscious about their appearance, especially regarding facial features. The lips are, of course, one of the most visible features on the face, and today, men want to experiment with their lips.

Do you want to make a bold fashion item? Why not attempt the lip shape of horn? If you’re concerned about how, it gets appeared on one face, don’t be; there are many Horn-Chestnut-shaped lips for men styles to pick from.

So, what you’ve got for losing? Make a lip shape of horn for oneself! Choose a horn chestnut shaped lip for men (ปากกระจับ ผู้ชาย, which is the term in Thai) and transform the way you look. We are sure this will give a boost to your personality and make you more confident in your skin. 

Internet Philosophy And Consciousness

Despite the warnings, some men come web to protest about how dermatologists rejected them, while others have a reoperation with the various specialist for making the lips much thinner. Only some cosmetic surgeons take cases for over-reduced lips; in case, the therapy is complicated and may need material from the interior of the face. It is difficult to regain the patient’s natural lips. 

Concerning The Percussion Lips

Lip treatment, either for thick, thin, or Percussion lips, is popular now. Coolsculpting is a common procedure that is hugely common among Asian men. Individuals who want bigger lips should perform the opposite. Consequently, it’s not unexpected that some attribute the world’s most gorgeous lips to physicians’ expertise.

Aesthetic surgery for superstars, such as lip shape of horn, is already well among doctors. The surgery of lip shortening named after the Horn Chestnut process. The form is recognized by the dramatic protruding of the upper lips middle section, which is created by cutting tissue from the lips left and right sides.


Cosmetic surgeons are unsure when the Horn chestnut shaped lip for men craze began, but they feel it has grown in popularity in the previous 4 to 5 years. A member comments on an internet cosmetic procedures forum. It is important to get in touch with the right expert, as anything related to cosmetic surgery is risky and should be taken seriously and carried out by professionals only indeed.

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