CVC Technique Will Help Every Child To Earn Proficiency In Words

CVC Technique Will Help Every Child To Earn Proficiency In Words

Vocabulary is the most important thing when learning any language. While understanding the English language, the kids need to know a technique that will help them memorize many words in the long run. The words they must learn by following a CVC word pattern (consonant- vowel- consonant). So here, we will get a detailed view of how this pattern will help the child learn words quickly.

How Does It Work? 

The learners first need to understand the usage of these words. At first, they learn words like “Cat, Bat, ” and ” Rat,” so they need to understand vowels and consonants, which will help them to memorize the words quickly. It’s not that only the vowels or consonants can be used, but it can be used twice, like “Boat, Ship, Book.” Learning CVC words will help the children to learn the phonics of each letter, which will help them to pronounce it accurately.

What Are The Benefits?

So when the children are able to read an entire paragraph, then applying the CVC technique will help them to understand and memorize the words correctly. This technique is the stepping stone for the learner to become an efficient leader. The consonant and vowel at the end or middle of the word will create a sound like the k sound of c in the word “CAT”; this causes an alignment between the sound and letters.

What Is The Process?

Firstly, the child learns the letters and sounds, and also about the pronunciation. After that, the CVC training will begin, where an alphabet will be given, and the child is asked to form a word by filling in the missing letter before or after it.

Secondly, to make them learn CVC word thoroughly so that they get installed inside their brain so that while reading they can detect these words, and will help them to read and write fast. Most importantly, the pronunciation must be correct to learn new words.

Thirdly, the moment children attain skills in CVC words from that time onwards, they will try to read simple sentences with the help of the CVC technique. This will give them an idea of how sentences are constructed, and they will gradually attain fluency in reading a proper sentence.


This process is time-consuming with an excellent result, which will help your child to be a better speaker as well as a reader. At the initial stage, they will take an interest in reading, and later, reading will be part of a hobby. So nurturing your kid’s learning through the CVC technique is the best way to improve their writing and reading skills.

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