Why You Should Attend A School Tour Before Enrolling

Choosing the right school for your children can be exhausting because you must research and visit schools to learn about the environment. Since you want the best education for your children, you can attend a school tour to gather more information.

Your child’s academic, social, and personal development may be impacted by the school you choose for them. Making an informed choice can be difficult with so many options available. Attending a school tour is among the finest ways to judge a school. Here are five explanations of why you must tour a school before enrolling your kid.

1) Sense The School’s Atmosphere

You can get a first-hand sense of the school’s atmosphere by taking a tour. It allows you to observe how the top international school in Singapore appears and functions, including the classrooms, outdoor areas, library, and other amenities.

2) Meet The faculty And Staff Members

You can get to know the teachers and other staff members your child will work with by taking a tour of the Montessori school in Singapore. You can enquire about the school’s ideals, curriculum, and teaching strategies.

Also, by watching how they engage with pupils, you can learn more about their teaching philosophies and methods.

3) See The College In Action

You’ll probably observe students and teachers in action when you tour the top international school. You may watch how teachers connect with their students, how students communicate with one another, and how classes are taught.

You can get a sense of the school’s overall atmosphere, social dynamics, and academic rigour from the tour.

4) Ask Questions To Clarify Your Thoughts

School tours give a platform for parents to ask questions and clarify misconceptions. You can inquire about the admissions procedure, costs, financial aid, and extracurricular activities.

You can use this information to decide whether the Montessori school is a good fit for your child.

5) Make Friends With Other Parents

You might have the chance to speak with other parents considering the top international school while on a campus tour. This link might offer insightful information about the school’s culture, community, and parental participation.

Also, it may present an opportunity for you to connect with other families with similar beliefs and pursuits.


Before enrolling your child, taking a school tour is crucial in the decision-making process. You can decide whether the school is the best match for your child by visiting it in person before deciding.

When looking for a new school for your children, you can have a campus tour at NPS International School. You can also visit their website to learn more about their curriculum and amenities.

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