How to Choose the Best Gaming Computer and Accessories

Gone are the days of gaming on an old, out-of-date PC. To go all out with your games and win against the other team,  find the most powerful gaming computer, the best accessories and up-to-date components to ensure you have the ultimate gaming experience.

If you are new to sports gaming, chances are you do not know where to begin. In that case, read the tips below. Doing so should help you choose the optimal gaming computer and accompanying accessories.

1. Choose the Right Computer Processor

The processor is the most crucial component in your gaming computer system — choose wisely. For fast gaming, you want an Intel Core i7 processor. You don’t need the latest version; a 9th or 10th generation can do the job.

2. Get a High-End Video Card

To experience fast graphics with realistic textures, choose a high-end video card. NVIDIA and ATI Radeon produce quality cards with high amounts of memory and GPUs that are ideal for gaming.

3. Select a High-Performance Motherboard

For optimal performance, a good motherboard that can support the latest ports and features is the one you should get. ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte are good brands to look at.

4. Find the Perfect Gaming Monitor

Depending on your requirements, you need a gaming monitor that is compatible with your graphics card, processor and motherboard. Look for an LCD or IPS monitor with a response time of less than 5ms that supports refresh rates of 144Hz or more.

5. Get the Right Wifi Router

You’ll need a wifi router to get a strong connection, so choose one that supports faster speeds. You might prefer a gaming router with gaming-oriented features, like QoS and port forwarding support.

6. Buy the Right Gaming Mouse

To get an edge during gameplay, choose a gaming mouse with programmable buttons, a comfortable design and adjustable DPI and CPI levels.

7. Pick a Wireless Keyboard

A wireless keyboard gives you more freedom and flexibility than a wired keyboard. Look for a keyboard with anti-ghosting technology, media keys and adjustable backlighting.

8. Upgrade Your Power Supply

The power supply is a vital component for gaming—choose one with high wattage and protection against overvoltage and undervoltage.

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