Explore the Rich Culture, History and Best Hotels in Korea

Explore the Rich Culture, History and Best Hotels in Korea

Introduction –

One of the main things for which South Korea is known for is the technological advancements, besides its luxurious history and culture. Another main thing, that you will observe in South Korea is the sui generis blend of tradition and modernity. In Asia, if there is any other popular tourist destination, then it is no doubt South Korea. There are many reasons as to why you should visit South Korea or consider & if you ever visit to South Korea, then make sure that you visit the popular, 퍼펙트하이퍼블릭. South Korea is situated at and is the southern part of the Korean peninsula. It has a vast population of over 51 million individuals. It has its neighbour in the north – NK, and west and east comprises of China & Japan. The capital of the country is Seoul – which is another popular place with great nightlife, shopping districts and also street foods.

Popular South Korean Traditions & Culture –

As you all know that South Korea is known for its rich culture and traditions, which is there in the history and also the Confucian principles, the most famous tradition in Korea comprises of Hanbok. It is one of the best and popular traditional Korean garments, which is worn during a special festival like that of wedding, and other official events. This dress is made of silk and other kinds of natural materials & is mostly brightly coloured. The best South Korean food, that is very popular and mostly loved by the people is Kimchi. Kimchi is also known as a spicy fermented vegetable dish that is also known as a staple in Korean cuisine. It is made with different vegetables like radish, cabbage, and cucumber and is most of the time served as a side dish.

Martial Art in Korea –

Taekwondo is a kind of a martial art that is well-known all around the globe. In that, there are fast and powerful kicks & is one of the best methods used for self-defence. Besides that, south Korea is also known for or as a leader in the area of technology and also it is a world class innovator in the area of technology. You can also learn more about some of the biggest companies from South Korea like LG, Samsung, Hyundai. K-pop, also known as Korean pop is a class of music that is developed in Korea and it has become famous all around the world. It has catchy tunes, dance routines that is synchronized and a flashy music including videos.

Beauty Products Popularity and Electronics –

Also, another important fact that you ought to know is that Korean beauty products have hit a high in the market all around the globe. From sheet masks to popular BB creams – many of the Korean beauty products are popular. There are biggest electronic companies in South Korea and it is a world leader and firms like LG and Samsung are from Korea. Lastly, some of the best places that you can visit in South Korea are Gyeongbokgung Palace, Jeju Island, N Seoul Tower & Bukchon Hanok Village.

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