Understanding Epicanthoplasty – A Comprehensive Guide To Eyelid Surgery

Understanding Epicanthoplasty A Comprehensive Guide To Eyelid Surgery

Epicanthoplasty is a cosmetic surgical process that aims to reshape and improve the appearance of the inner corners of your eye. It is also known as the Epicanthoplasty fold. The procedure is commonly performed to create a broader and more open-eyed appearance, especially if you have a prominent or pronounced Epicanthoplasty (ทํา ตา สอง ชั้น เปิด หัว ตา, which is the term in Thai) fold.

Epicanthoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to address the fold, which is a vertical fold of skin that covers the inner corner of your eyes. It is widespread among people of Asian descent. The epicanthal fold can give the appearance of narrow or hooded eyes. This procedure aims to create a more defined and aesthetically pleasing eye shape by removing excessive skin and reshaping the inner corners of your eyes.

Benefits Of Epicanthoplasty

The main benefit of Epicanthoplasty is the enhancement of the appearance of your eyes, resulting in a broader and more open-eyed look. By creating a smooth transition between the inner corner of your eyes and the bridge of the nose, can help you improve facial symmetry and balance. Furthermore, it might also improve the overall attractiveness and youth of your eyes, leading to better self-confidence and satisfaction with your appearance.

Procedure Overview

You need to know that it is generally performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis, meaning that you can return home on the Same day as the procedure. They will carefully remove the excessive skin and tissue to reshape the Epicanthoplasty fold. The incisions are then perfectly closed with sutures, leaving behind minimum scarring, which will fade with time. The entire procedure can take around one or two hours to complete.

Recovery Process

After epicanthoplasty, you can expect some swelling, bruising, and discomfort around your eyes, which is just wholly regular and temporary. Cold compresses and prescribed medicines can help you get rid of these symptoms during the initial recovery time. You are advised to avoid stressful activities, touching the eyes, and exposure to direct sunlight for a few weeks following the procedure. You can resume your normal daily activities within one or two weeks. However, full recovery might take several weeks to a few months as swelling subsides, and the final results can become apparent.

Potential Risks

Just like any other surgical procedure, this procedure also carries some risks like infection, bleeding, and changes in your sensation around the eyes.


It is a safe and effective cosmetic procedure which can improve the appearance of your eyes and improve facial harmony and balance. Consultation with your doctor is essential to discuss the individual objectives, expectations, and candidacy for Epicanthoplasty.

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