Most Popular Desserts that you must try in Hyderabad

If you’re looking for sweets, look no farther than Hyderabad, the city of Nawabs. You won’t be able to obtain sweets like this anyplace else in the world. Numerous confections await your discovery. When visiting Hyderabad, be sure to sample the city’s famous sweet foods, which are a must-try if you plan on seeing every inch of the city. In this article, you will know about the most popular desserts that you must try in Hyderabad. 

Hyderabadi Gajar ka Meetha

Some of the Most Popular Desserts that you must try in the city include Gajar ka Meetha, a traditional dish made with fried bread soaked in milk and saffron. This Nizam style dessert is an absolute must-try! 

It is also recommended to try Gajar ka Meetha with Jauzi Halwa. Jauzi Halwa is a light and fluffy milk pudding that is one of the sweetest desserts in the city, and it is served in small earthen bowls. It is made with milk, dates, and saffron, and is served chilled.

Moreover, you can also Online Cake Order Hyderabad if you love sweet dishes. A Cake and Halwa will fulfill all your sweet cravings in Hyderabad.

Shahi Tukda and Tamatar ka Halwa

The Shahi Tukda is a deliciously sweet dish made with ripe bananas. The sugar syrup is then added to the mashed bananas, which make for an irresistible sweet. 

The most famous desserts in Hyderabad are Shahi Tukda, known as “double ka Meetha” or “banana sweet”. This dish is made from rice flour and dates and is a popular street food in the city. 

During the festival season, Shahi Tukda is a must-try with Mauz ka Mitha is another sweet treat that you must try in Hyderabad.

Similarly, another classic dessert from Hyderabad is Tamatar ka Halwa, a type of vermicelli pudding. 

If you want something more unique, try Shahjahani meetha, which is made with tangy tomatoes and whole milk. It is extremely healthy, too!

Jauzi ka Halwa

Besides Kheer, the city’s most famous dessert is the jauzi halwa. This dish is so popular in Hyderabad, you’ll want to order it at every opportunity. 

Its flavors are delicious and it will make you feel satisfied. And if you’re a dessert lover, you’ll be pleased. 

There are other special sweets to try in the city as well, and they are all delicious. You’ll find them at most restaurants and street vendors. 

There are popular restaurants in hyderabad that specialize in cake making and you can even have them at the midnight. 

Midnight Cake Delivery in Hyderabad is pretty quick and offers you various flavors and delicious cakes.

Badam ki Jali

This is an all-time great. Only a few families are still able to survive. Marzipan, which is prepared from almond flour and sugar, is used to make the Badam ki jali. 

Badam ki jali is shaped differently. Urdu writings may also be included into the design on occasion. 

Originally, the recipe included eggs, but as the sweets’ popularity grew, they began to attract non-Muslim customers who were against the use of eggs. As a result, eggs were omitted from the recipe entirely.


After a hefty and fatty Hyderabadi feast, this sweet and delicately-flavored milk pudding is both tasty and gentle on the stomach! 

Rose water is frequently used as a finishing touch to give dishes a distinctively Nizami appearance and flavor.

Final Verdict

These are some of the most popular desserts that you must try in Hyderabad. If you wish to try them, consider ordering them online. This will save you from the hassle and you can also get plenty of offers.

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